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Uranian inspirations


left: Sicilian boy by Wilhelm von Gloeden (no date); right: Jugend cover by Hans Christiansen (1896). My current reading is The Secret Life of Oscar Wilde (2003), a long and fascinating study by Neil McKenna which attempts to disentangle the true nature of Wilde’s sex life from the myths and evasions of his biography and […]

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The recurrent pose archive


Jeune Homme Assis au Bord de la Mer (Young Man Sitting by the Seashore) by Jean Hippolyte Flandrin (1836). Documenting the Flandrin pose. • The recurrent pose 56 • The recurrent pose 55 • The recurrent pose 54 • The recurrent pose 53 • The recurrent pose 52 • The recurrent pose 51 • The […]

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The recurrent pose 6


Further examples of the Flandrin pose from photographer Amat Nimitpark. Not sure what’s going on in the picture above but the scene below finds a use for a nearly-nude male that would no doubt have surprised Jean Hippolyte Flandrin. Needless to say, I can think of a few other uses for this blue-eyed boy… Elsewhere […]

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Angels 3: A diversion


On Monday Eroom Nala mentioned my Fallen Angel picture in one of the comments for the first angel posting. Here’s the picture in question (from 2004). As I mentioned earlier, this was based on Jeune homme assis au bord de la mer (Young Man Sitting by the Seashore, 1836), the most well-known painting by Jean […]

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Evolution of an icon


Jean Hippolyte Flandrin (1809-1864) was a Neo-Classical painter whose work tends to lack the sensuality of his master, Ingres, yet who managed to produce one picture at least which has been an inspiration to subsequent artists and photographers. Jeune Homme Assis au Bord de la Mer (Young Man Sitting by the Seashore) was painted in […]

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