Darq Dreamz


Fey Saturn.

Arriving as a welcome palliative for the sudden seasonal gloom, Mikel Marton’s autumn photo series is an exploration of homoerotic paganism and occult tableaux he calls Darq Dreamz. “Photography is the medium that allows me to be a medium,” he says. “Some of the photos added to the collection are from a series about a dying breed of incestuous modern witch boys forced to practice their rituals in an over populated decaying city, devoid of nature and solitude.” The witch boys and contrary spirits await you here.

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The art of Hector de Gregorio


left: Magus/Lee Adams (or Magician in the Tarot) (2009); right: I Expel All Evil (2010).

Tarot imagery—or work inspired by it—continues to infiltrate the contemporary art world. The gallery sites featuring Hector de Gregorio’s pictures have a couple of other portraits based on the Major Arcana but there’s no clue as to whether he’s depicted the full series. Given the quality of these creations I think he ought to give it a go. Via Bajo el Signo de Libra.

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