Leather boy


Visual Tales is another of those web magazines which presents us with fashion items few people would buy, garnished with or draped upon delectable examples of male pulchritude. I am not complaining. The tattooed object of desire is Dan Felton and the photos are by Bell Soto. Dan’s etiolated physique may not pass muster with many bondage enthusiasts but he gets my vote. Via VGL.


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The tights have it


In which the marvellous Hedi Slimane captures dancer Oscar Nilsson resting during a performance involving a percussive score tapped out by someone wearing a bear’s head. (Video here and here.) There’s probably a joke to be made there about bears and twinks but you won’t find me attempting it.

The picture below is from a fishnets session photographed by Bell Soto. Both links are from Homotography which continues to be an essential curator of male pulchritude.


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