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Two thousand


Being post number 2,000 here at {feuilleton}. The page above is a sample from Monograms & Ciphers (1906) by AA Turbayne at the trusty Internet Archive. I’ll take the opportunity here to apologise for the continuing flakiness of my web connection. The advantage of WordPress is independence from the shackles of Blogger and co. but […]

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Bruegel in winter


The Hunters in the Snow (1565). Most of the snow here in Manchester melted over Christmas but it’s likely there’ll be more on the way given the unusually low temperatures. Whatever the complaints about the weather, the empty-handed hunters painted by Pieter Bruegel the Elder (c.1525–1569) had it worse. Of the two paintings, Winter Landscape […]

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Extended downtime over the past few days was caused by a major server calamity at the webhost end so my apologies to regular visitors. I keep backups of everything for precisely this reason—servers of all kinds can be subject to failure—but one of the problems with an increasingly sprawling site such as this (8,000+ files, […]

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New things for February


More new work appeared recently although as usual this was something I completed a while ago. Einstein’s Getaway is a short album by Stranger Son of WB who play a kind of over-amped muscular harangue which you might call Post Rock if that wasn’t a very tired term by now. Mr Simon Reyonolds should give […]

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Apologies (again!) for last night’s outage. This time my webhost neglected to tell me the database was being moved which means WordPress ground to a halt. I haven’t checked but I think a couple of recent comments may have been lost in the confusion. Very aggravating in a “What am I paying more money for?” […]

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Word games


Wordle is a Java-based web toy which generates random arrangements of words from any text input. This is the result after pasting in the opening of the “Sirens” chapter of Joyce’s Ulysses and playing around with the colour and font settings. Fun, but as far as web-based toys go I prefer the abstractions of Bomomo. […]

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Is it curtains for critics?

Is it curtains for critics? | Blogging barbarians at the gate, thin end of wedge, sky falling, etc.

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Two today


Numeral by Erté. Via Fabulon. In which { feuilleton } celebrates its second birthday. As always, it’s a surprise seeing what catches the attention of readers or random browsers. The five most popular posts from the past year were as follows: • The art of ejaculation. I saw Cary Kwok’s work mentioned in a gay […]

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Okay, we’re back at last. There’s still a few things to sort out due to encoding issues that resulted from the database crossover–there may be stray ???s here and there for a while–but I’ll attend to those as I go along. I’ve never tried moving a database from one server to another before so I’m […]

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Having finally lost patience with the K2 theme I’m now searching for a better solution so things will be in a state of flux here for a while. Much as I like K2, the developers seem incapable of producing a stable version despite the number of people working on it. The older version I was […]

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Retro MacOS WordPress Theme

Retro MacOS WordPress Theme Sooo tempted…

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Comments glitch

I’m holding off posting anything substantial until a fault is addressed by my webhost. The comments database appears to have become corrupted so for now there are no comments showing at the end of each post despite the comments numbers after the categories list. I have everything backed up, however, so nothing should be lost; […]

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London Pride


One of the exotic creatures at today’s London Pride march. More pictures at this Flickr pool. Marchers braved wet weather and renewed terrorist threats after two unexploded car bombs were found on Friday. (And where that matter is concerned, The Register has a rebuke to the inevitable hysterics.) On a related note, this site has […]

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The evil of weblog comment spam

The evil of weblog comment spam The plague in all its graphic glory.

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Attempting to solve one problem with the WordPress theme has only succeeded in raising several others. For now commenting is possible but your comments will be rendered invisible for reasons I’ve yet to resolve. Your indulgence is requested. Thanks. Update: So the moral of that episode was don’t try and fix anything that isn’t (too) […]

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Happy birthday { feuilleton }


It was a year ago today that I sat down and wrote some words of Charles Fort’s, “One measures a circle beginning anywhere…”, as a headline for the first entry on this page. Some posts over the ensuing year have been more popular than others (and it should be pointed out that the “most popular” […]

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To 3 or not to 3

Things are in a state of flux here while I upgrade the WordPress software. Updating to the latest version went fine, it’s been running for the past couple of days, but upgrading the theme is proving less than satisfactory since I’d been using an old version of the K2 theme that I’d hand-modified. I’ve also […]

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In praise of WordPress

Regular readers may have noticed the coming and going of certain features here recently, due to my experimenting with different plugins. One of the great features of the WordPress blogging software is its open source quality which allows anyone to write a plugin to extend the application. Ones I’ve been playing with over the past […]

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A rather substantial fault in either the WordPress software or a problem at the server end has resulted in two folders of images being deleted today, hence the image-less posts. Not the end of the world but I’m not looking forward to restoring things I don’t have a backup for.

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