Getting shirty again


Another batch of photos arrived from the new Skull Print T-shirt range, this time showing how well the detail has printed on the Cthulhoid design. I wasn’t sure how this one would look on a light background but it looks fine.


Meanwhile, I’ve been doing my best to iron out bumps in the ordering process which would still benefit from a proper shopping-cart system. The problem at the moment is that most of the available options for WordPress won’t work without my first upgrading the server software, a process that would require wiping then reinstalling the entire website. Ordinarily I’d be prepared to set aside a couple of days to take care of this but my work commissions this year have been arriving at a rate of knots so I won’t be able to spare the time for another couple of months.

On a related front, all of this activity has impelled me to look seriously at setting up an automated ordering system for high-quality prints. I’ve made plenty of one-off prints in the past but I’d prefer a service that didn’t require me to be packing and posting things myself. The printer I’ve been using recently is an excellent one who can also link their service to anyone with an Etsy or Shopify store. I signed on to Etsy several years ago in order to buy something but setting up a store there seems relatively easy, and the whole process would avoid the server problem. Earlier this year I finished work on a huge Lovecraft-related drawing that I’ve been eager to sell as a print, so this is a further incentive to get things moving. Watch this space.

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