Starowieyski in Switzerland


Nike (1971) by Franciszek Starowieyski.

My thanks to Marco Witzig for sending some promotional materials for a new exhibition of work by the great Polish artist Franciszek Starowieyski (1930–2009). The exhibition is running at the gallery of the HR Giger Museum in Gruyères, Switzerland from now until Spring 2013. There’s a selection of photos of the works on show here. I’m always curious to know what size artists work at so it’s interesting to get an idea of this from views of the originals. I’ve linked to Starowieyski’s incredible poster art on several occasions but it’s always worth another look: go here and here and here.


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  1. I’ve already kissed Starowieyski’s ass in previous comments so no need for more of that, but I’d not visited any of the official pages associated with Giger for some time now and they’ve made some improvements, so thank you for posting.

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