The art of Jessica Harrison


left: Maria (2010); right: Dawn (2010).

British artist Jessica Harrison undermines the saccharine innocence of porcelain figurines in a manner which would no doubt appeal to a Surrealist and black humorist like Jan Svankmajer. As well as these recent pieces, her website features further contemporary takes on Surrealism including a number of pencil drawings, one of which is a self-portrait alluding to that Svankmajer favourite, Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

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One thought on “The art of Jessica Harrison”

  1. I just discovered Jessica Harrison’s work and I am truly transfixed by it. Her figurines of the macabre at once conjure up nostalgia for these porcelain figures I would find in my grandmother’s home as well as my own childhood bedroom. This figurines gave my imagination always something to consider; I would make up “lives” for these figurines.

    Now, to see Harrison’s work using these fragile and careful beauties of porcelain, I am speechless really.

    The figures’ seeming devil-may-care quality make them both more starling, beautiful, and even humorous.

    Thanks for discussing this artist … I found your blog via Technorati and plan on returning again and again.


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