Grandville’s Un Autre Monde


Un Autre Monde by JJ Grandville is a satire from 1844 whose wittily inventive illustrations were among that select group of prior works which received praise from the Surrealists. Some of them also act as early examples of humorous science fiction, and the two pieces shown here have been reprinted endlessly, they even turn up in histories of astronomy. The other illustrations are rarely seen, however, so it’s good to find a Flickr set with scans of the entire book. Comic artist Philippe Druillet took the bridge between worlds as the inspiration for his Lone Sloane story Torquedara Varenkor: The Bridge Over the Stars in 1970, turning the already unlikely construction into a galaxy-spanning edifice.


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5 thoughts on “Grandville’s Un Autre Monde”

  1. Thanks for the link.

    I’ve seen Grandville’s stuff reprinted in books for years and I’m amazed there doesn’t seem to be a modern reprinted edition available. This seems like something Dover would do since they have or had a book that collects his animal illustrations.

    Once again thanks!

    ps The calendar is beautiful.

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