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Celestial trifecta


I was going to post something about jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard who died this week (yes, another one). But enough people have been doing that elsewhere and I wrote about the album of his that I know best, Sing Me a Song of Songmy, back in April. Better, then, to leave a gloomy year with a smile, even if it’s only a piece of cosmic anthropomorphism. The rare trifecta of Venus, Jupiter, and the moon earlier this month was one of National Geographic’s most viewed space photos of 2008.



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  1. #1 posted by scott


    Thanks John, blessings to you and yours………..a bit of cosmic jazz , never hurt anyone.

  2. #2 posted by John


    Thanks Scott, same to you. Cosmic jazz is my favourite, especially this lot.

  3. #3 posted by bluewyvern


    What a cool photo. Makes me think of some kind of celestial horned god. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy New Year to you!

  4. #4 posted by John


    Thanks and happy new year to you, too!






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