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East Village Boys


Matthew photographed by Nodeth Vang.

A smart blog with one of the best About descriptions ever: “Cock Culture”. Oh, and sights like this…



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  1. #1 posted by The Other Andrew


    John, THANK YOU. Not only for the link to the crazy sexy boys, but East Village Boys is a real find. A beautifully curated blog.

  2. #2 posted by John


    Heh, glad to be of service. EVB is like an online version of BUTT Magazine which is no bad thing.

  3. #3 posted by The Other Andrew


    Exactly! I’ve never bought a copy of BUTT in paper, but I sure do like to look at the pretty pictures online. Oh, and the articles of course.

  4. #4 posted by John


    I highly recommend The BUTT Book which collects the first 15 or so issues. And in a similar vein there’s also KAISERIN, “a magazine for boys with problems”. Don’t you love these self-descriptions!

  5. #5 posted by Evan J. Peterson


    Loving the EVB blog. That Matthew certainly does look like he was just picked off of the Tree of Knowledge.

  6. #6 posted by John


    I was amused by the black dildo hiding among his clothes. Was going to say “I was tickled” by it, but that would imply a first-hand acquaintance…

  7. #7 posted by Hal Duncan


    Man! I was totally thinking BUTT book when I looked at the site!

    You do do the best links, John. :D

  8. #8 posted by John


    Thanks Hal, I do my best. ;)

  9. #9 posted by Thombeau


    What a great link! Thanks for the “heads up”!

  10. #10 posted by michle


    nice sexy boy!

    i like 2 scu u man

    i’m a man






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