Happy birthday Henry


The Sunworshipper (To the Morning Sun) (1904).

Thanks to Mr Jahsonic for noting the 150th anniversary of the birth of Henry Scott Tuke (1858–1929). The current exhibition of his paintings at the art gallery in Falmouth, where he lived and worked, labels him a British Impressionist, avoiding mention of his status as principal painter among the loose collection of Victorian and Edwardian artists and writers known as the Uranians. Tuke’s beach scenes present a hazy vision of sun-drenched adolescent homoeroticism with a quality rarely seen in gay art today. This site has the best online selection of his pictures.


Noonday Heat (1902).

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  1. Most strangely the Corporation of the City of London has a Tuke, usually well hidden but it has recently been on display, free, to the public. It is Malcite if I remember rightly.

    How the Corporation managed is something I’d like to dig out one day.

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