Les lieux imaginaires d’Erik Desmazières


Labyrinthe II (2003).

This is very late notice but I only just discovered that there’s been a major exhibition of etchings by Erik Desmazières running at the Jenisch Gallery in Vevey, Switzerland. The exhibition, which ends on September 9th, includes these more recent works among over 100 other pieces covering the extent of the artist’s career. Sounds like the catalogue for this would certainly be worth ordering. There’s also a 40-minute documentary film being shown there, Le Paris d’Erik by Bertrand Renaudineau and Gérard Emmanuel da Silva.


Théâtre de géographie (2007).

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3 thoughts on “Les lieux imaginaires d’Erik Desmazières”

  1. Thanks for mentioning this–it’s the first I’d heard of this exhibition & prompted me to scuttle off & order the catalogue.

  2. i would love to buys one of the etchings from The Library of Babel …do you know where one could find them…?

  3. Hi Christopher. I don’t sell other people’s work, I only report its existence. I’d recommend you search for galleries such as Jenisch (linked above) who deal with Desmazières’ etchings.

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