3 thoughts on “Retro MacOS WordPress Theme”

  1. Don’t do it, john!

    Computer interfaces evolved away from this for very good reasons. It’s an amusing project, but I foresee that the joke will have got old before you can download and activate the theme.

    The biggest kick I got from seeing this theme is remembering that when I first saw an interface like this (would have been about 1990) it looked incredibly smart and, well, graphical – and compared to what we’d been used to before that, it was.

  2. Heh, well I’m only curious really. And the K2 theme I’m using is structured in such a way that most of the sidebar stuff wouldn’t work without setting up new WP “widgets”.

    I used to have a Mac app that ran a virtual version of OS 6 in OS 9. No use really apart from being able to play with Mac Paint and a couple of other programs. My first Mac system was OS 7 so the black and white Mac layout always looks odd.

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