The art of Jacques Sultana


Dies Irae.

Jacques Sultana is a French artist whose paintings of naked men are very well-realised—photo-realist almost—but like a lot of gay art don’t do much apart from say “here’s a naked man.” However, his site also has a small gallery of homoerotic fantasy drawings which are equally well-done and far more detailed and imaginative than one usually sees from gay artists. Some of these pictures remind me of Patrick Woodroffe’s highly-detailed and florid fantasy paintings.

Update: the site is still active but these particular drawings seem to have been removed.

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7 thoughts on “The art of Jacques Sultana”

  1. I have a piece of artwork by Jacque Sultana, purchased over 25 yrs ago in Morocco. It is very similiar to the work you have posted. Mine is numbered 13/99. i would like to find out how much to have it insured for and if there are any prints on other websites. Can you help out? Appreciate it much.

    Dr. Paul

  2. Hello. I usually post things here which capture my attention and such was the case with the picture above. I don’t collect art and I don’t have any knowledge of valuations. I’d suggest you either contact the artist at his site or find a gallery that deals with his work. Or failing that you could try searching Artnet.

  3. I think it would be useless to explain things you obviously cannot understand :the difference between reality and fantasy…read the presentation of my work on my blog

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