5 thoughts on “NZ fishermen land colossal squid”

  1. on behalf of all new zealanders i would like to apologise to all tentacled denizens of the deep.

    we come in peace.

  2. I’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean 2, you know?

    then the denizens have already won,

    i well come our new rulers, don’t forget the tartare sauce.

  3. I’d never thought that the Old Ones might be coming as an order of starters, complete with a wedge of lemon and tartar sauce on the side…
    Then again one of my cats greeted me this morning with a clear “R’lyeh ?”, so I’m ready for anything.

  4. The biggest plate of starters the world has ever known, rising from the necrotic deeps of the Pacific Ocean, a ceramic continent of squalid loathsomeness.

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