To 3 or not to 3

Things are in a state of flux here while I upgrade the WordPress software. Updating to the latest version went fine, it’s been running for the past couple of days, but upgrading the theme is proving less than satisfactory since I’d been using an old version of the K2 theme that I’d hand-modified.

I’ve also been thinking about switching to a three-column arrangement, as Geoff did recently at Bldg Blog, although the three-column version of K2 still needs updating. It also seems to occupy more screen width than other three-column solutions which isn’t good for people with small monitors. Hmm…. If you notice any bizarre changes or alarming errors over the next day or so, this is the reason why.

2 thoughts on “To 3 or not to 3”

  1. Haaa! THAT’s why my browser had problems charging your page, or the layout getting all yucky !
    I have the feeling that a three columns page might look a tad cramped, taking the attention of the viewer away from the current entry.

  2. Three columns can be successful but they have to be very carefully planned out or they end up looking cluttered. I don’t think I’ll have the time for that with the work I have to do over the next couple of months. Design Observer has one of the best layouts for this, and so it should seeing as they’re all top design people:

    My main concern just now has been getting the latest version of the K2 theme working since it has some very convenient AJAX search features. When you go to older posts you can flip through all the archive pages quickly and also scale the size of the entries.

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